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Home-Grown English. At Home. English growing. 
Super Summary. Grammar education guide.
English Fail Blog. Public butcherings of the English language.
El Viajero Boqueron. High-quality, bilingual travel blog.
Business Insider

Rolls Off the Tongue. Guess the idiom in the cartoon!
Lyrics Training. Fill in the blanks while listening to music videos!
Word Reference Games

National Public Radio (American)
BBC Learning English
Videopedia. 5-minute instructional viideos and DIY videos
TED: Ideas Worth Sharing
One in 8 Million. Self-portraits of New Yorkers, produced by The New York Times
Culips. A fun podcast for English learners
Listen to English. Learn English
ESL Pod. English for Everyone
Audio English
ESL Library Podcasts
EngVid, English Video Lessons

Time Out. City entertainment guide
Lonely Planet. Travel guide
National Geographic. Inspiring people to care about the world
LIFE Magazine
Rolling Stone Magazine

Word Reference (bilingual)
Howjsay (pronunciation)
Phrasal Verbs from
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English Club
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official exams
The European Language Portfolio, Language Policy Division, Council of Europe.
The British Council, Learn, Share, Connect Worldwide.
The Cambrige Exams, University of Cambridge, Experts in Language Assessment
The Educational Testing Service, ETS, Listening, Learning, Leading.

Trinitiy ESOL, English Language Qualifications, Trinity College London
IELTS, International English Langiuage Testing System